12 Tips for Writing an Application Essay in 2022

Marcus Winkler

The admissions process is not easy. It usually takes at least a year for high school students to prepare if they want to achieve high test scores, demonstrate extracurricular involvement, and meet other qualifying requirements.

More importantly, this process is also human. Prospective students are encouraged to submit application essays to add a bit of personality to the whole process. These essays help admissions officers understand who they are dealing with and whether an applicant truly deserves a place in the program.

Still, there is something daunting about writing a solid application essay. It takes a lot of effort and time because the response to the prompt needs to be strong and meaningful. At the same time, it should feel personal to get positive feedback from the admissions office. Imagine: they receive thousands of responses and must select a certain percentage among fairly competitive and deserving candidates.

Of course, you can turn to professionals capable of making your application exceptional. Writers of TrialPro have years of experience writing application essays, helping students on their way to colleges and universities.

You can also master this art on your own and make your application essay stand out. All you need is to learn and follow some tips listed below. But first, let’s learn a bit more about application essays as a type of writing work.

What an application trial really is?

An application essay is obviously an essay that applicants write to address admissions officers and add more personality to their admissions process. This is a real opportunity to impress the staff and help them select your application from a pool of competitors. If your story inspires and reflects your skills and ambitions, there is almost a 100% guarantee that you will be selected.

All American colleges and universities require essays from their prospective students. After all, they assess candidates’ ability to communicate, as well as their motivation and experience. So you’d better prepare and learn some tips to succeed in writing and increase your chances.

How to successfully write an application essay?

Choose the right prompt

First of all, before you even start writing an application essay, select the right prompt. Often candidates have several questions or topics to choose from. Think about the answers you can offer and focus on the questions you feel most comfortable with. You need to make sure your response positions you as a leader and an achiever rather than just an actor.

Construct an outline

If necessary, build an outline for each topic and facilitate your choice. If you trust a certain prompt, a good outline can properly structure your response. Having a plan always helps grope your strengths and hide your weaknesses. Don’t ignore it because it really helps to brainstorm great ideas for a winning essay.

Practice free writing

No one expects you to write an outstanding application essay on the first try. On the contrary, write a big try always takes time and lasts several rounds. So don’t worry about the shape; Instead, practice free writing to cover your story. You will have time to build an academic structure later.

Make a statement

Admissions officers especially value essays where applicants make a strong personal statement. Weak and vague sentences can hardly guarantee you a place in the program. On the contrary, your willingness to take responsibility for your thoughts and ideas is the factor that influences officers’ decisions.

Respect the structure

Admission essays, personal statements, and application essays indeed allow students to express their ideas more than any other essay. However, they are still part of academic missions. So, if you start writing your essay in free writing, you should remember that it is always important to maintain academic structure.

Don’t think you can ignore all the rules and requirements and impress readers with an unstructured flow of your ideas. Completeness and consistency are always highly valued. However, you are allowed to deviate from a regular five-paragraph structure to better express your ideas in the limited word count.

Write and revise

Don’t think application essays can be written instantly. You should have enough time to proofread it and proofread it several times before submitting the final draft. Also, you need to be able to walk away from writing and come back when you feel refreshed. This approach will help you look at your writing from a different angle and uncover inconsistencies that went unnoticed before.

Check grammar and spelling

Admissions staff are especially careful about typos and grammatical issues. Such things are absolutely intolerable. It is assumed that you have enough time to do all sorts of checks before submitting the document. So, you better start writing earlier to have enough time to catch all the grammar and spelling issues in your writing.

Follow the word count requirement

Application essays are usually short. Depending on the depth of the questions, students are allowed to write 550 to 1000 normally. Do not exceed this specification. Also, don’t go over the limit. Your essay should be so well planned that you express what you want and need while staying within the allowed thresholds.

be creative

An application essay wins if its author avoids clichés. Admissions officers read thousands of these essays a week. They want to see something original and creative rather than just copying old ideas. Write less but work on it in detail. Worn-out cliches won’t help you land a spot in the program.

Use specific examples

Instead of just writing about your experiences, share them. Tell your story and explain how these ideas and conclusions came about. Personalize your application essay and enrich it with examples. This will make it interesting to read and make your application exceptional.

Choose active voice over passive

A good application essay forces you to position yourself as a performer rather than just a doer. You shouldn’t look weak. On the contrary, it must be you who perform the action and obtain the result. You should be the one who creates an environment conducive to success. If not, it always seems like circumstances helped you get there.

Ask someone you trust to read your essay

Even if you’ve already reread your essay several times, it makes sense to ask your friend to do it again. The point is that you might be blind to some inconsistencies since the events you are describing seem clear to you. Your friend can help you identify sentences that don’t make sense and improve them.


Our best advice for you is to focus on writing an application essay if your goal is to get into college or university. This essay has a direct effect on your chances of admission.

That’s why it’s best to start writing it early so you have enough time to proofread, edit, and improve it. After all, whatever statement you make, you better keep it with you for a while before submitting it.

So, make sure you choose the right template, allocate enough time, and remember essay writing best practices when you need to write application essays. Creative insight and personal experience are also key to making your article stand out from the crowd.