A mobile app with the potential to facilitate the future of agriculture

AgriaApp Features

Agriculture has risen to the top thanks to technological breakthroughs. Comparing the old agricultural era with the 21st century, we are amazed at the important role that technology has played. Technology has brought a host of new perspectives to agribusiness, especially agriculture. The productivity of agricultural machinery allows producers to produce more efficiently.

Now let’s look at one of the technology scenarios. What a great impact smartphones and their apps have had. Initially, farmers had to travel to obtain fertilizers, seeds and other supplies. They also had a hard time getting the right information about the crop cycle. But now, without having to leave home, it’s just a click away.

Continuous advancements in digital tools and data, and collaboration between farmers and public and commercial sector researchers, are all that drive modern agriculture.

AgriApp to facilitate the future of agriculture

AgriApp is an application created by a group of experts who dreamed of using technology to make agriculture more environmentally and economically sustainable in a short time. It is a complete solution for crop management and agricultural production. Provides up-to-date information on crop production, crop protection, agriculture, smart farming and related services.

Acting as an information portal and online marketplace, it brings together farmers, agri-inputs, traders and fulfillment service providers on one digital platform. AgriApp is India’s largest agriculture app to support farmers in various ways including crop advice, soil testing, drone services, cultivation practices, etc.

Features that distinguish AgriApp

Culture solutions: AgriApp encourages farmers to buy solutions rather than products for their farming needs. Crop tonics, fertilizers, pesticides, spreaders, and other products can all be found there.

Detailed crop information: AgriApp offers a set of practices for each crop to explore the science and art of farming at your own pace. This AgriApp helps to get comprehensive climate information.

Crop tips: If you have any question about crop advisory or crop protection, you can get agricultural advisory services via chat, video or picture in local language, which include weather, disease, crop price the more recent, soil health and nutrient deficiencies. .

Future climate predictions: AgriApp helps determine future weather forecasts for the next 5 days, allowing farmers to plan ahead based on their location, including time, conditions and temperature.

Crop satellite information: AgriApp Satellite Insight provides satellite imagery data on crop health, external and internal crop stress, and soil moisture information. High frequency satellite solutions provide important information to ensure crop health, maximize yields and provide crop monitoring services.

As an example of success with expanding the use of technology, consider India, where farmers equipped with breakthrough developments have experienced incredible success with the services provided by AgriApp.

Information about AgrApp:

1.8 million app downloads

4.2 Google Plsystore Rating

1 Lakh + Expert Cats

1.5 Lakh + Orders

Over 10,000 acres of satellite information.

Drone spraying of over 3000 acres

First published: April 30, 2022, 02:13 IST