Application of gear hobbing machine/gear cutting machine

Application of Gear Hobbing Machine/Gear Hobbing MachineThe gear hobbing machine is widely used in the manufacture of automobiles, tractors, machine tools, engineering machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery , petroleum, instruments, spaceships and other machinery.

gear cutting machine is widely used in the manufacture of automobiles, tractors, machine tools, engineering machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, petroleum, instruments, spacecraft and other machinery.

Gear machining machine tools for machining various spur gears, bevel gears and other tooth gear parts. The varieties and specifications of gear processing machines are wide, processing small gear machine tools of a few mm in diameter, processing large gear machine tools of more than ten meters in diameter, and a large number of production with efficient machine tools for precision gear processing. precision machine tools.

Old gears were filed by hand. In 1540, Toriano, Italy, made a clock using a rotary-file tooth cutter; In 1783, René, France, used a milling cutter gear machine and a cutting rack in gear accessories; Around 1820, British White made the first machine capable of processing both spur gears and bevel gears. Machine tools with this ability were again developed in the second half of the 19th century.

In 1835 Whitworth got the worm gear cutting machine patent; In 1858, Schiller obtains the patent of machine to cut the cylindrical gears; After many improvements, until 1897, the German Pforte manufactured with a differential gear hobbing machine, only to successfully solve the problem of helical gear processing. After making a gear shaped gear milling cutter, American Fellowes made a gear shaping machine in 1897. American Bill Graham invented a straight bevel gear milling cutter using a single face milling cutter using the method of spreading; In 1900, United States Bill designed a double disc milling cutter spur gear machine.

Due to the needs of the automobile industry, in 1905 the United States made a straight bevel gear shaper with two planers, and in 1913 made a spiral bevel gear mill; In 1923, the milling machine with quasi-involute bevel gears made its appearance; In the 1930s, it was developed into a single spur bevel gear broaching machine, which is mainly used in the manufacture of automobile differential gears. In order to meet the needs of the aerospace industry, a helical bevel gear grinding machine has been developed. In 1944, the Swiss company Erlikon made a milling machine with elongated cycloidal bevel gears; Since the 1950s, it has developed a combined double-end milling cutter disc for machining an elongated cycloidal bevel gear milling machine.

Gear processing machine tools are mainly divided into two categories of spur gear processing machine tools. The spur gear machining machine is mainly used for processing various spur gears, racks, worm gears. Commonly used hobbing machine, gear shaping machine, milling machine, gear shaving machine, etc. achieve high precision or high productivity; The gear shaper uses the gear shaping cutter to process spur and helical gears and other gear shape parts by the spreading method, which is mainly used to process inner gears of multiple gears. The gear milling machine is processed by the forming cutter by the dividing method, which is mainly used to process the special gear-shaped instrument gear. Gear shaving machine with high efficiency machine; grinding wheels for grinding machines, high precision machine tools for finishing the surface of the teeth of hardened cylindrical gears or gear milling cutters; The honing machine uses the honing wheel to freely mesh with the hardened gear to remove the hardened gear burrs and other tooth surface defects. The extrusion machine uses the high hardness without tip extrusion wheel and the mesh without workpiece, grinding the small uneven tooth surface, to improve the precision and smoothness of the machine; Gear chamfering machine for internal and external sliding gear tooth end reversing machine, production gearbox other gear shift mechanism is indispensable processing equipment. The spur gear processing machine also includes hot gear cold mill, etc.

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