Application Period Open for State Site Readiness Fund

The Delaware Division of Small Business is accepting applications for the Site Readiness Fund.

The Site Preparation Fund provides grants, loans or other economic assistance to qualified businesses or local governments that invest in the construction, renovation or improvement of commercial and industrial sites that are easily accessible to new businesses, businesses established who are considering relocating to the state. , or existing in-state businesses that need additional locations to stay or expand in Delaware.

“We compete every day with surrounding states to attract and retain vital businesses and jobs here in Delaware,” said Regina Mitchell, acting director of the Small Business Division. “The Site Readiness Fund is an important tool for us to support infrastructure investment so our state can stay competitive and attract businesses to locate here. I encourage businesses, municipalities, and others interested in site improvement throughout Delaware to apply for site preparation funding. »

“The Site Readiness Fund creates more viable options for businesses looking to locate or expand right here in Delaware,” said Kurt Foreman, CEO of the Delaware Prosperity Partnership. “The fund provides an investment to ensure sites across the state are ready for the kinds of development and job growth we all value.”

The fund, which has drawn scattered criticism from critics for being a form of “corporate welfare” or encouraging suburban sprawl, was created when business leaders noted that needed improvements to transportation and the like were taking too long compared to other states.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until all funding has been awarded. Applications for site preparation funds are available at Once completed, applications can be emailed to [email protected]