Apply to offer the BFI National Lottery Young Creatives program

The IBF has allocated £3m of National Lottery funding, over three years, to support the Young Creatives programme.

You can apply for a reward of up to £1.8 million over the three years of the National Lottery funding plan 2023-2025 to deliver the Young Creatives program at any of the following locations:

  1. Existing community resources such as schools, community centers and youth centers
  2. Further/higher education institutions

We intend to offer funding for the duration of the National Lottery Funding Plan 2023-2026: your application must therefore be based on a single three-year scholarship running from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2026. If you succeed, the funding will be paid in – line with the expenses over these three years subject to:

  • Satisfactory performance – you are able to continue to operate your program within the contractual terms of the funding offer and the parameters of these guidelines and provided that you can satisfactorily demonstrate (through routine reporting) that you are able to remain financially viable until the end of the term
  • Receipt and approval by IBF routine reports, including progress KPIss and costs to date and which may include proposed changes to the balance of the budget and activity plans to accommodate learnings and changing circumstances and planned activity details as these plans materialize.

The amount of funding that IBF may make available for the second or third year may be affected by the continued availability of National Lottery funds at anticipated levels. If we need to reduce funding for a year, we will ensure that we provide sufficient notice and work with you to modify plans accordingly.

We expect successful applicants to receive funding until March 31, 2029, i.e. for the first two funding cycles of the IBF10-year strategy from (subject to conditions and review). Our intention to continue funding for this six-year period will be further subject to the following caveats:

  • Your satisfactory performance during the first period and demonstration of your continued financial viability
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of National Lottery programs
  • Continued availability of National Lottery funds at planned levels

The grants are not intended to replace existing funding or income that would otherwise be available, nor to fund activity that may occur on its own. National Lottery funds can only be awarded to applicants who demonstrate a clear public need and benefit from the funded activity.

IBF National Lottery funding is project-based and time-limited funding, and as such there should be no expectation of continued support beyond the duration of the awards granted; in this case, we are accepting applications for funding for a three-year period from April 2023 to March 31, 2026.

Your program

A price of IBF you will deliver a program to equip young people with the practical and life skills to help them tell their own stories, use their own voice and access a local educational pathway to industry (academic or professional, formal or informal ). The scheme should give priority to those living in educationally, socially and culturally disadvantaged areas (as defined by the Office for National Statistics, Department for Education and Arts Council England and using equivalent measures in Northern Ireland , Scotland and Wales)

The two successful candidates must work in community spaces, youth centers and schools and institutions of higher and further education respectively. Both should work with relevant local organizations and bring together groups of young people to discover, develop and practice the various practical skills, culminating in the production of their own personal films or equivalent.

Young participants will be supported to produce a work equivalent to a short film of 5 to 10 minutes and learn a new film, TV, and broader moving image specific skills, while developing a wider range of transferable skills, understanding how they can be used in the wide range of jobs available in the industry. Participants should also benefit from a better understanding of the education and training pathways currently available to them and how to access them locally.

Eligible costs

You can use this funding for program delivery costs, which should be focused on maximizing public benefits and value for money from the scholarship. Costs may include, but are not limited to:

  • Direct program delivery staff
  • Design and development of programs and resources
  • Marketing and recruiting children and young people to participate
  • Marketing and recruiting venues and organizations to host and facilitate hands-on sessions
  • Creation of educational toolkits and resources for use by delivery partners
  • Animation of training sessions in participating establishments
  • Creation and distribution of showreels and other advertisements aimed at highlighting the work of the young participants online or in person (for example at festivals)
  • Contribution to basic overhead costs that support the program (at a reasonable level)
  • Costs associated with monitoring program impact

Ineligible costs

Examples of ineligible common costs:

  • Basic costs for the day-to-day running of your organization not associated with the program
  • Costs related to an extension of the work in progress
  • Capital expenditure
  • Activity already specifically supported by another external source of funding
  • Proposals focused on other art forms such as literature, dance on film, poetic film, opera or moving image artists
  • Costs incurred prior to the offer of financing from the IBF
  • Promotional or other activity (stands, printed brochures) that does not support an environmental sustainability policy

This list is not exhaustive and we can inform you that other types of activities within your application cannot be supported by a IBF award.

Please note, if you are registered for VATyour numbers should not include VAT that you can claim. If you are not registered with VATor you are registered at VAT but cannot fully recover the VAT you incur on costs, your figures should include uncollectible VAT. The grants we provide are “outside the scope” of VAT and must appear in your accounts as a subsidy and not, for example, as a fee for any service provided to the IBF. You should seek financial advice from your own accountant or the relevant tax office.


In your application, you will need to identify the specific activity you will propose (your “deliverables”) with the funding, which will enable you to meet your KPIss.

Your deliverables should include:

  • UK– extensive hands-on filmmaking engagement programs for ages 11-16 (minimum 36 hours in person) resulting in 5-10 films or other moving image equivalent
  • Support to program implementers/partners, including:
    • 1 annual online training conference
    • Access to selected and downloadable resources/links to improve and facilitate delivery, including:
      • Session plans
      • Educational resources
      • A wide variety of film and film cultures
      • Professional orientation
      • Guide to educational pathways (school/professional)
  • An annual showreel of exemplary work to show on IBF websites and on other IBF events