Atlassian Launches Unified Administrative Controls to Combat SaaS Application Proliferation

Application development and collaboration software provider Atlassian Corp. Plc. today announced a series of key updates, including new unified admin controls, new smart links and subscription service for its products including Trello, Confluence and Jira Work Management.

Additionally, Atlassian said Atlas, a new teamwork directory service announced in April, will be generally available starting next month.

Atlassian unveiled the updates at its very first Atlassian Presents: Work Life event, where he explained that the rapid pace of digital transformation over the past two years has led many companies to struggle to cope with the proliferation of software as a service.

In a presentation, Erika Trautman, Atlassian product manager for work management, said that to deal with the resulting chaos, many companies are looking for a single solution for work management. Ideally, such a solution would include both administrative controls and a single set of workflows.

However, Trautman said it was really just a pipe dream, and most solutions ultimately proved inflexible. As a result, teams are going out and using whatever tools they can find, she said, leaving companies to deal with the same kind of sprawl.

This leads to problems, such as administrators struggling to understand whether end users are working with properly licensed software, and security teams unsure whether security policies have been applied consistently across all products that an organization uses. “We believe that instead of relying on one work management tool to rule them all, what we need to do is create a system that allows teams to adopt the tools that are right for them, but connect them so they can be aligned, and they can stand on their own,” Trautman said.

That’s what Atlassian is trying to achieve. To that end, Trautman said, the company announced a unified administration experience integrating user and access management into its cloud product portfolio. This includes streamlining administrative processes to remove redundant steps, as well as simplified audits, compliance checks and security reviews, she added.

These enhancements come with a new subscription plan called “Together” that combines Trello, Confluence, Jira Work Management and Atlas, with a price of $11 per month per user, for companies with more than 5,000 employees. . Atlassian said the pricing will give businesses the flexibility to give their employees its full suite of tools when they need them. The Together Pack is currently available in beta, with general availability slated for next year, the company said.

As for Smart Links, these are built-in links that can help users access information on Atlassian as well as compatible third-party apps. They will give users the ability to import information and documents from a myriad of sources into Atlassian’s apps.

Using Smart Links, team members can search and insert content, create and edit work items, and access information from all of Atlassian’s tools, without leaving their current tab. Atlassian said the Smart Links feature is available starting today in Confluence, Google Docs, Figma and Trello.

Finally, Atlassian said Atlas is ready for prime time. While in beta, thousands of customers have benefited from Atlas’ capabilities, which include richer integrations into Atlassian’s tools as well as more flexible reporting.

When Atlas goes live in October, users will have access to a free Atlas app for Jira Cloud. This will allow team members using Jira to view the current status and most recent updates in linked projects in Atlas. There will also be an update to the Atlas project and goal directories, making it easier for teams to produce summary reports with filters for status, contributor, tags, teams, owners and reporting lines.

Meanwhile, for teams that use goals and key results or OKR metrics, a new goal scoring capability in Atlas will allow them to assign a projected score based on their level of confidence that a team will achieve its goals. goals within the specified time.

Images: Atlassian

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