Campara: I think the decryption of the “Sky” app has already led to the involvement of senior officials

Minister of the Interior of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) Hellosa VSampara spoke about the devastating state of the justice system in BiH and what kind of people work within police structures.

The decryption of the “Sky” application has led to many arrests, the authorities announce that this is only the beginning and that by the end of the year, new arrests will follow and the indictment will be filed in probably one of the most complex cases this BiH judicial never treated.

“I think it has already led to some senior officials. I mean the district attorney’s office and a few other cops. When you look at that, it’s terrible that some police officers or some councilors who worked in the Intelligence-Security Agency (OSA), and some ministers, exchanged these documents and were arrested, for which indictments are being prepared, I think this is only the beginning. This is an important and complex matter, and it is good that these things are happening. This is bad thing and it’s something that U.S sad, that there were so many of these groups in BiH and they felt so free, that here was like an oasis where they could work and act. I think this is devastating information, but thank goodness things like this happen. It is good that we have police services that do their job. Those that are under political control, they don’t work. For example, the Ministry of the Interior of the Canton of Sarajavo (CS) works very well, and international officials will confirm that,” said Campara.

The FBiH Minister of Interior also explained why Zoran VSegar, the leader of the Federal Police Administration (UPF) uniformed police sector, was not suspended earlier and how he could have remained in post after certain incidents.

“Tell me how could this happen? It was only under pressure from international institutions, European parliamentarians and journalists that this happened. For example, the first time he slapped a guy, he had to be suspended. I asked for a suspension and I wrote and sent urgent appeals. As long as we have such people in the system, this country can’t be in a good situation“, highlighted VSambya.

To remind you, members of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) recently raided Vojkovi State Prisonvsi by order of the public prosecutor’s office BiHdue to the suspicion that the inmates of this establishment planned to kill the prosecutor Dubravko VSampara, the brother of the Federal Minister of internal affairs. It is a group of people who are related to the decryption of the “Sky” application, reports.