Castlewell Creations LLC announces the launch of a brand new mobile application

Castlewell Creations LLC announces the release of a new mobile application designed for mobile and field service companies to notify their customers of the estimated time of arrival when traveling to a work destination on the field, by sharing their ETA with a real-time tracking GPS Map with their customers

US-based limited liability company, Castlewell Creations, is thrilled to announce the release of Exigo Tracking, an all-new mobile app designed to provide convenient ETA with real-time GPS tracking map to user customers. of the application when they go to the field destinations.

The app is designed for mobile service and field service businesses as it helps foster great customer relationships between business owners who use the app and their customers by effectively communicating their time of day. estimated arrival, thus eliminating the frustration of their customers when they wait for their arrival at an agreed place.

Exigo Tracking is touted as a must-have revolutionary customer service tool due to its built-in features that take the frustration out of people/customers from waiting for a visitor or service provider to arrive.

Often business owners in the field have no control over traffic delays or unforeseen circumstances that can delay their arrival at a customer. Naturally, no one wants to wait forever for the arrival of an expected visitor. This is the void that Exigo Tracking fills.

The mobile app fosters great customer relationships by tracking the ETA (estimated time of arrival) of app users or business owners in the field, with a real-time tracking map, which sends a convenient text alert to app users’ customers via their mobile phones. Thus, informing and alerting the customers of the application users of the arrival time of the expected visitors, while sharing their location live. Additionally, the app notifies its users’ customers of expected traffic delays and updates the arrival time accordingly.

Castlewell Creations says Exigo Tracking is simply simple and easy to use. The app is designed in such a way to ensure simple and fast operations while using the app. Clients of app users do not need to install the app to receive text notifications and alerts from app users. All that is required is the phone number and geographical address of the customers of the app users, and easy tracking of the estimated time of arrival is guaranteed.

“The app is ideal to use in the car or on foot – Whether you are driving a truck or a car, riding a bike or even walking to your client’s location, our app always provides you with the best route, allowing you to press start when you’re ready to go.

The Exigo tracking app is highly recommended and beneficial for services such as: food delivery, HVAC service, freight brokers, real estate agents, and anyone who works in the field and needs to meet a customer at a location. particular.

The mobile app would have three convenient subscription plans to choose from, depending on the needs of the app. Subscription plans include; the Lite plan, the Plus plan and the unlimited plan. While waiting for the installation of the application, a 7-day free trial will be offered to the users of the application. This gives the app users an opportunity to experience the amazing benefits and advantages of the app.

The application is available for download on Google PlayStore and AppStore.

Anyone interested in maximizing customer service and satisfaction in their business can simply download the app or visit the company’s website for more information –

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