Councilor’s barn plan can go ahead without detailed application, council says

Cllr Adrian Jones – Powys County Council.

At a meeting of the Powys County Council’s planning committee on Wednesday, councilors considered a request for advance notification from agriculture by Councilor Adrian Jones.

Applications from councilors and Powys staff automatically go to the committee for decision.

Mr Jones, who is among the 2022 newcomers in May, was elected to represent the Berriew and Castle Caereinion ward, wants to construct an agricultural storage building and all associated works at Pied House, Garthmyl, near Montgomery.

The structure will measure approximately 36.3 meters in length, 12.8 meters in width, 4.27 meters in height to the eaves to a maximum of 6.5 meters at its highest point.

The building will be used to store hay and animal feed and will be built next to an existing barn where livestock are kept.

Planning officer Luke Woosnam told advisers the application did not need a full planning application and could be built using permitted development rights.

Planning committee solicitor Colin Edwards said: ‘In accordance with planning protocol, I have reviewed the file and confirm that the application has been dealt with as normal.’

Councilor Gareth Pugh said: “Obviously it’s only in front of us because Adrian is a county councillor.”

Mr. Pugh indicated that when the proposal was to be put to a vote, he would be prepared to move that the agriculture notification be approved.

His motion was seconded by councilor Huw Williams and the plan was unanimously approved by councillors.