Cousin of Gozo minister submits development request for ‘garage’ in pristine Ramla Valley

The cousin of Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri, Ronnie Camilleri, has submitted a planning application to build a ‘garage’ on virgin land of scrubland in Nadur overlooking the Ramla Valley.

Ronnie Camilleri, who also serves as the Gozo Minister’s personal driver, filed the application (PA/4468/22) in June. The application is currently being assessed by one of the Palestinian Authority case officers and is awaiting a recommendation.

The site, which is located in Triq ta’ Ħida, would occupy approximately 200 m² of land. Curiously, the design of the building includes several aluminum openings on one of its sides, a fact which has not escaped the notice of more than a hundred objectors who ask the Planning Authority (PA) to refuse the request.

Multiple objections to Camilleri’s candidacy specifically label it “disguised accommodation”, with at least two eNGOs, Ghawdix and Moviment Graffitti, filing their objections and calling on others to do the same.

Both NGOs objected to development on this basis as well as the fact that the site is in an Outer Development Zone (ODZ) and is on the ridge of the Ramla l-Ħamra valley, contravening the policies of the plan local Gozo.

Others, many of whom are residents of the region, were much more curt in their objections, with one opponent in particular stating simply “stop ruining Gozo”.

Bigeni, the architect of the project, has a the story similar applications filed in rural and/or agricultural areas. Bigeni first appeared on The Shift’s radar after filing a significant number of applications linked to Gozitan developer Joseph Portelli or his associates. The architect is linked to the Minister of Gozo by marriage.

In February, The Shift reported how this newsroom had tracked at least five separate planning applications in Gozo in which he was the appointed architect for different types of “agricultural” structures on ODZ land, which has sparked similar accusations of buildings not being used for their stated purpose.