Crowd Media (ASX:CM8) subscribes to the $131.6 billion mobile app market – The Market Herald

Some apps have been talked about over the past year, with virtual reality and metaverse services becoming a point of contention in many online forums.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the “metaverse” dominated the headlines, with investors having to sift through the noise of this mammoth industry to find great investment opportunities.

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools seem to have naturally made their way into all areas of a person’s daily life. Self-driving cars, automated financial investment programs, and a virtual assistant installed on almost every smartphone are some examples of the drastic changes that AI has brought to the modern age of the world.

It completely changed the way we function in society and launched itself into a seemingly endless number of applications.

With an estimated global market size of $131.6 billion in 2022, according to Sensor Tower, the mobile app market has seen a growth rate limited only by our growing reliance on technology.

Tech companies are starting to find creative ways to carve out a place for themselves in the future of virtual spaces and interaction tools.

One such company, Crowd Media (CM8), has advanced its technology development to provide a more engaging way to interact virtually.

The crowd media solution

Crowd’s Talking Head technology converts people’s appearances and voices into virtual avatars for any online customer or customer to attract more engagement.

The Crowd Media team has created a method for this technology so that it only requires one representative’s time to record enough audio to build its database. From there, the technology creates a “digital twin” of a familiar representative who can speak on behalf of a business using Crowd’s online platform.

Crowd Media is developing technology that aims to be the most human-like, real-time AI interaction available on the market today, while being cost-effective to operate.

It can run tens of thousands of communication technologies while keeping its operating expenses low and is about 86% faster to create a character than any other technology.

When the stars align

A Crowd Media app used this technology with its Astrology VIP app which offers daily updates based on user input.

According to a Sensor Tower review, mobile app users in the United States spent an estimated $39.7 million on the top 10 highest earning astrology apps last year, an increase of 64.7% compared to 2018, which positions Crowd’s new app as a powerful way to make its mark. on the mobile subscription space.

Within the app, Astra, the app’s digital avatar, will take information provided by users and then offer a variety of astrology readings which include horoscopes, tarot cards, numerology, interpretation of dreams and planetary alignments. Users can also use voice commands to interact with Astra.

In terms of capturing engagement for a younger target, Crowd Media has also launched its bedtime stories app to offer mobile subscription services that are based on Talking Head technology.

Bedtime Stories transforms children’s books into audiovisual elements told by a digital avatar. When selecting the book, users can choose between different avatars generated by the AI ​​as a storyteller, and text captions are also included to help children with their reading.

Both products are accessible on any smart device or desktop computer and do not require software downloads while users log in with their phone numbers.

Crowd media against the world

Recently, the company expanded its mobile subscription division after receiving network approvals from T-Mobile and KPN in the Netherlands, Vodafone in Portugal and Etisalat in the United Arab Emirates, to launch and mass-distribute their mobile subscription products. mobile subscription.

Crowd Media will offer both apps through its subscription division, which offers affiliate networks, media buyers and publishers apps, games, mobile entertainment and educational services.

Bedtime Stories is set to launch soon in Portugal and the United Arab Emirates, with the stories currently localized into Portuguese and Arabic. Meanwhile, Astrology VIP is going through a Dutch localization process.

The company will generate revenue through a weekly subscription starting at €4.00 per week for Bedtime Stories and Astrology VIP starting at €2.50 per week, where Crowd will retain up to 80% of revenue generated from subscriptions.

Crowd Media CEO Idan Schmorak commented:

“The distribution approvals of Bedtime Stories and Astrology VIP mark the successful integration of Talking Head technology into our subscription product line, [they] showcasing the capabilities of our platform’s ability to convert text to audio-visual while interacting with users in multiple languages, providing opportunities to scale products into new markets.

What’s in it for investors?

Crowd Media’s subscription division has proven to be a positive resource for the company, as it sits in an incredibly large but diverse pool of technology innovation and development.

Consider the market advantage of being able to offer a more human approach to engagement in a world full of chat boxes and one-dimensional screens. Bringing back to life the traditional, long-forgotten meaning of consumer interactions.

The release of the Bedtime Stories and Astrology VIP apps is the first business-to-consumer revenue generator for the Talking Head platform.

According to the company, its launches are made possible by improvements to the digital avatar functionality it uses in an attempt to expand its business.

Now that the commercialization is well and truly underway and momentum is building, the question is, will you join the crowd?