DCI Consulting Group Launches Pay Equity Dashboard App

The dashboard will allow employers to compare pay equity trends over time and create interactive reports.

WASHINGTON, September 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In response to growing demand for dynamic compensation data analytics, DCI Consulting Group is pleased to announce the launch of the DCI Pay Equity Dashboard. This dashboard will allow employers to use the results of their organization’s compensation analyzes to create visuals and interactive reports supported by DCI’s expert consultants and software development team. Release of DCI’s Pay Equity Scorecard follows release of company report Dashboard for AAP data in 2021 and its subsequent success.

As stakeholders grow increasingly concerned about pay equity, DEI sought to create a tool that could help employers ensure their compensation is fair. DCI’s Pay Equity Dashboard produces easily digestible visuals that are useful at all levels of an organization, from the local HR team trying to close pay gaps to the C-suite seeking to understand if their organization has a fair compensation strategy.

With DCI’s Pay Equity Dashboard, employers will be able to:

  • View the results of the compensation analysis, including:
    • Pay Gap Reports
    • Statistical summaries of coverage
    • Technical and non-technical regressions
    • Correlation summaries
  • Multi-year, multi-site trend results
  • Review organization-wide results or filter by location or compensation group
  • Use results to inform salary adjustments
  • Prompt users to view read-only interactive reports
  • Customize access to specific users
  • Generate reports on demand
  • Identify priority outcomes for research and action planning

Organizations interested in learning more about the DCI Pay Equity Dashboard can visit the DCI website website. In addition to pay equity analyses, DCI offers extensive services for employers, including government compliance, diversity metrics, and workforce analysis. More information can be found at https://www.dciconsult.com/.

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