Elaachi Platform Launches Mobile Application Software for Hospitality Industry

Krish Mohan, CTO and Product Owner of the Elaachi Platform

Improved communication and profitability through mobile devices

Thanks to the global pandemic, the hospitality industry has suffered tremendously and the average person has suffered as well.

—Krish Mohan

WOODBURY, MN, USA, May 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Woodbury, Minnesota, USA — The Elaachi Platform is launching an innovative suite of mobile applications for the hospitality industry. The suite includes: Opus, suitable for multi-chain hotels; Aquas, designed for personal watercraft docking applications; GuestO, structured for homestay properties and Dineasy, specially designed for the restaurant sector. Together, these mobile apps represent a sea change in the way the hospitality industry communicates with its customers and the way hospitality business owners manage their properties and promote their complementary services. This brand new technology begs the question: how is this changing the hospitality vertical for hospitality customers and hospitality business owners?

The Elaachi platform answers these questions in a very practical and innovative way.

Krish Mohan, CEO of Elaachi, realizes the potential and is firmly committed to making the Elaachi platform a reality in the hospitality industry. “Thanks to the global pandemic, the hospitality industry has suffered tremendously and the average person has suffered as well.” Mohan observes candidly. “The past two years have been difficult for all of us.”

The Elaachi platform and its suite of mobile software applications, including Opus (multi-chain hotels), Aquas (waterboat hospitality operations), GuestO (small homestay operations) and Dineasy ( restaurant operators), provide mobile software application solutions that allow customers of these establishments to centralize all their interactions (and communications) on a mobile basis within their smartphones and tablets. Essentially, the old way of using the phone or going to the hotel lobby to make requests is now a thing of the past.

“It’s not a small deliverable in the grand scheme of things,” says Mohan zealously. “We’re talking about dramatically improving customer service and the overall customer experience while simultaneously delivering significant cost savings to business owners by allowing them to reduce the number of employees while advertising complementary products and services from ubiquitous way.”

Essentially, the entire hospitality industry is being revolutionized, improving the experience for everyone involved. Clearly, this is a highly innovative solution and technology that needs to get into the hands of hospitality business owners as soon as possible. The world is changing rapidly and the Elaachi platform is poised to ease the pain and suffering of the hospitality industry forever.

For more information, visit www.elaachi.com or contact the company at 1687 Woodlane Drive #207 Woodbury, MN 55125. 651-400-0368.


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