Everton Lampard boss: Iwobi success through application and attitude

Everton boss Frank Lampard says Alex Iwobi’s candidacy has helped him achieve the best form of his career this season.

Lampard says the former Arsenal player quickly gained his confidence thanks to his work ethic and attitude in training.

Lampard said: “The other thing [was] build the structure of a team to get the best out of him. It’s a process. It is versatile and can therefore be used in different areas when needed. He produced in all of those areas during the run-in. He did very well at the back.

“But my feeling from the start of my work with him is that he would serve us better in the middle of the pitch. It was due to his attributes and after having a few conversations with him I knew that was where he wanted. It’s up to him, really. You have a team around him to improve him. I think we’ve done that. And then it’s Alex showing what he’s got.”

Lampard found a player who had confidence and inspired respect from his teammates, but struggled to translate that on the pitch.

He also told the Echo of Liverpool: “It’s a good sign when your teammates get along but then you have to wonder why that doesn’t translate on the pitch into a feeling of togetherness. It was a bit of a job, a job. Being the link for letting him understand how he behaves in training and why the players respect him so much is because they know what he can do and then deliver it on the pitch. I think he has grown himself.”