EVERY scheduling request submitted to Bucks board this week

Here are all of the planning requests submitted to the Bucks board this week.

22/06366/HPDN – 20 Poppy Road Princes Risborough HP27 9DB – Single Storey Rear Extension Project Notification

22/06339/LBC – The High Barn Bradenham Road West Wycombe HP14 4ES – Listed building for residential construction

22/06248/FUL – 10 Chapel Street Marlow SL7 1DD – Change of use of ground floor and first floor of health clinic to 2 bedroom house

22/06247/FUL – 42 Meadow View Marlow Bottom SL7 3PA – Owner’s request for construction of single storey rear extension

22/06246/FUL – 5 Lock Road Marlow SL7 1QS – Owner’s request for construction of front porch, single part, two story rear extension part

22/06244/FUL – 4 East Drive High Wycombe HP13 6JN – Household application for building outbuilding (retrospective)

22/06235/ADRC – 187 Totteridge Road High Wycombe HP13 7LA – Request for approval of details subject to part of conditions

22/06229/LBC – 9 High Street Marlow SL7 1AU – Classified building application for the demolition of the rear part of the existing commercial unit and the construction of 2 one bedroom apartments over two floors

22/06237/FUL – 9 Westfield Cottages Westfield Medmenham SL7 2HQ – Landlord request to build single storey rear extension

22/06230/FUL – 38 Ash Close Walters Ash HP14 4TR – Owner’s request for removal of existing veranda

22/06236/FUL – Harding And The Haven Moor Common Lane End HP14 3HT – Construction of a pair of replacement semi-detached dwellings and associated external works

22/06241/FUL – Lacey Green And Loosley Row Sports Club Main Road Lacey Green HP27 0PL – Construction of single storey freestanding clubhouse and disabled ramp

22/06231/FUL – 7 Shelburne Road High Wycombe HP12 3NJ – Owner’s request for erection of single storey side

22/06260/FUL – 4 Walnut Way Bourne End SL8 5DW – Owner’s request to build a single storey rear extension

22/06223/FUL – Coppshill Fingest Road Fingest RG9 6TH – Owner’s request for construction of single storey side extensions, rear

22/06220/FUL – The Old Stables Grove Lane Great Kimble HP17 9TR – Owner’s request for construction of single storey side extension

22/06259/CLE – Heatherlands Naphill Common Naphill HP14 4RF – Certificate of Legality

22/06211/FUL – 36 Straight Bit Flackwell Heath HP10 9LT – Housekeeping request for construction of single story side extension

22/06214/FUL – 4 Kelvin Close High Wycombe HP13 5ST – Owner’s request for construction of porch structure with driveway and conversion of garage into habitable accommodation

22/06198/FUL – 11 Hill Farm Way Hazlemere HP15 7SY – Owner request for construction of lowered curb to existing extended driveway

22/06196/LBC – Old King George Flowers Bottom Lane Speen HP27 0SX – Building request listed for timber rafter reinforcement work

22/06185/FUL – 63 Wycombe Road Marlow SL7 3HZ – Owner request for erection of single storey rear extension

22/06141/TPO – John North Close High Wycombe – tree work

22/06132/FUL – 195 New Road High Wycombe HP12 4RQ – Building construction comprising 2 x 1 bed and 4 x 2 bed (6 in total)

22/06058/FUL – Long Meadow Spurgrove Lane Frieth RG9 6NU – Owner’s request for construction of single storey rear extension

22/05995/FUL – The High Barn Bradenham Road West Wycombe HP14 4ES – Construction of accommodation to replace existing annex and associated modifications

22/05938/CLP – 60 Hicks Farm Rise High Wycombe HP13 7SX – Legality Certificate

22/05920/FUL – 15 Ivy Place Lane End HP14 3LQ – Landlord request for construction of one storey side and rear extension

22/05915/FUL – School House Bullocks Farm Lane Wheeler End HP14 3NH – Head of Household Request for Abandoned Curb Building

22/05935/FUL – 40 Gossmore Lane Marlow SL7 1QF – Owner’s request for construction of front and side extensions to first floor

22/05825/FUL – Cherry Tree House Westfield Medmenham SL7 2HE – Change of use and incorporation of existing farmland into residential curtilage

Chiltern and South Bucks Region:

PL/22/1808/PNE – Waterville River Road Taplow Buckinghamshire SL6 0BG – Notification under Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015

PL/22/1771/KA – Wrango Hall Village Road Denham UB9 5BH – Tree Works

PL/22/1751/NMA – 132 Berkeley Avenue Chesham HP5 2RT – Non-Material Amendment

PL/22/1752/KA – Old Place Church Road Farnham Royal SL2 3AW – Arboriculture work

PL/22/1760/NMA – 90 Bathurst Walk Iver SL0 9EG – Non-Material Amendment

PL/22/1620/KA – Farthings 50 Marsham Way Gerrards Cross SL9 8AP – Arboriculture work

PL/22/1556/SA – 45 Eastfield Road Burnham SL1 7EL – Certificate of legality

PL/22/1532/FA – 61 Nursery Road Burnham SL6 0JX – Single Deck Rear Extension

PL/22/1544/FA – 27 Slough Road Iver Heath Buckinghamshire SL0 0DN – Roof Extension

PL/22/1536/SA – Dippingwell Plot 3 Beaconsfield Road Farnham Common SL2 3FZ – Certificate of Legality

PL/22/1505/FA – 83 Lynton Road Chesham HP5 2BS – Excavation driveway and car park (retrospective)

PL/22/1506/FA – Wood End Bakers Wood Denham UB9 4LQ – Construction of 2 detached dwelling houses following demolition of 2 dwelling houses

PL/22/1512/FA – 1 Braziers End House Rays Hill Braziers End HP5 2UJ – Removal of existing garage and outbuilding and construction of detached garage

PL/22/1523/SA – Winford 16 Denham Green Close Denham UB9 5NB – Certificate of Legality

PL/22/1519/FA – 15 Gordon Way Chalfont St Giles HP8 4QU – Single Deck Rear Extension

PL/22/1497/FA – 49 Treachers Close Chesham HP5 2HD – Two Stage Rear Extension

PL/22/1503/FA – 25 Palliser Road Chalfont St Giles HP8 4DL – Garage conversion to living space and loft conversion

PL/22/1625/FA – Norwood Fulmer Common Road Fulmer SL0 0NP – Single Stage Rear and Side Extension

PL/22/1486/FA – 7 Pennyworth Place Beaconsfield HP9 1FB – Single storey side/rear extension with awning

PL/22/1572/FA – 2A Crossleys Chalfont St Giles HP8 4QR – Construction of a new detached house

PL/22/1490/TP – Ingleton 1 Main Drive Gerrards Cross SL9 7PR – Arboriculture work

PL/22/1485/FA – 47 West View Chesham HP5 3BY – Single Storey Rear Extension

PL/22/1450/FA – 181 Great Hivings Chesham HP5 2LD – Demolition of conservatory and construction of single storey rear extension

PL/22/1831/CONDA – Ponders 54 Hedgerley Lane Gerrards Cross SL9 8SY – Approval of Terms

PL/22/1465/SA – 14 Syke Ings Iver SL0 9ET – Certificate of legality

PL/22/1449/FA – Lambda 57 Monument Lane Chalfont St Peter SL9 0HY – Single storey front extension, garage conversion and loft conversion

PL/22/1452/FA – 109 Amersham Road Beaconsfield HP9 2EH – First floor side extension, roof modifications with a loft conversion

PL/22/1466/FA – Willows Stoke Court Drive Stoke Poges SL2 4LU – Demolition of existing garage and walk-in unit

PL/22/1444/FA – 69 Horseshoe Crescent Beaconsfield HP9 1LJ – One-and-a-half-storey side extension

PL/22/1443/FA – 100 Hundred Acres Lane Amersham HP7 9BN – Front Porch, Garage Conversion to Living Space

PL/22/1434/FA – Bottom Farm Beacon Hill Penn HP10 8NJ – Conversion of barn to dwelling including demolition of lean-to structures

PL/22/1434/FA – Bottom Farm Beacon Hill Penn HP10 8NJ – Conversion of barn to dwelling including demolition of lean-to structures

PL/22/1423/HB – Bottom Farm Beacon Hill Penn Buckinghamshire HP10 8NJ – Classified Building Permission for demolition of conservatory and porch and erection of two storey rear extensions and side/rear extensions of a floor

PL/22/1420/HB – 155 High Street Amersham HP7 0EB – Listed building permission for the dismantling and rebuilding of 7.2m of the west boundary garden wall

PL/22/1418/FA – 52 Middle Road Denham UB9 5EQ – Construction of detached underground garage in front garden

PL/22/1406/FA – 11 Eskdale Avenue Chesham HP5 3AX – Single storey rear extension and new roof over existing two storey rear projection

PL/22/1407/FA – 45 The Poynings Iver SL0 9DS – First Stage Front Infill Extension, Single Stage Rear Infill Extension, Loft Conversion

PL/22/1412/FA – Kewtech Corporation Ltd Unit 2 Stones Courtyard High Street Chesham HP5 1DE – Additional windows and 5 side and 1 rear skylights

PL/22/1421/SA – 143 Ashford Road Iver Heath SL0 0QE – Certificate of Legality

PL/22/1405/FA – Top Cottage Hollybush Hill Stoke Poges SL2 4PX – Side/Rear Extensions Part Double Storey / Part Single Storey

PL/22/1372/FA – 81 Hivings Hill Chesham HP5 2PG – Single Deck Rear Extension

PL/22/1373/FA – 79 Hivings Hill Chesham HP5 2PG – Rear First Floor Extension

PL/22/1446/FA – 7 Saxon Gardens Taplow SL6 0DD – Demolition of single storey garage and side ledge; construction of a three-storey side extension

PL/22/1374/FA – 22 Holly Close Farnham Common SL2 3QT – Two-stage rear and side extensions, single-stage side and front extensions

PL/22/1354/FA – The Moorings Higher Denham Denham UB9 5EN – Proposed Farm Outbuilding

PL/22/1359/FA – Larchwood 101 Amersham Road Beaconsfield HP9 2EH – Proposed outbuilding/garage to front of property

PL/22/1298/FA – Winchmore Hill Cricket Club Horsemoor Lane Winchmore Hill HP7 0PL – Single storey infill extension to existing clubhouse/pavilion, to provide accessible (disabled) facilities

PL/22/1264/AV – Beaconsfield Medical Center Walkwood Rise Beaconsfield HP9 1TX – 3 non-illuminated totems and 1 non-illuminated wall sign

PL/22/1241/FA – Sly Corner House Sly Corner Lee Common HP16 9LD – Wooden Rear Orangery Construction

PL/22/1175/FA – Barn adjacent to Ashwell Lodge Ashwell Farm Windsor Lane Little Kingshill HP16 0DZ – Conversion of existing barn to provide two bedroom dwelling unit with garden

PL/22/1069/TP – Beech Cottage 40 Windsor Road Gerrards Cross SL9 7NE – Arboriculture work