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TL; DR: A lifetime subscription to Job Application LazyApply is on sale for £54.93, saving you 93% off the list price.

Applying for jobs is exhausting, especially if you’re still working while you’re looking. On average, it takes a job seeker anywhere from 21 to 80 applications before getting a job offer, and there is no guarantee that the offer is worth it. Save time on the application process with a lifetime subscription to Job Application LazyApply. This bulk application subscription could help you extend your application process without wearing you out, and for a limited time it costs just £54.93.

Many people are looking for a job, so the field is competitive. But with the help of Lazy Apply, you don’t have to invest all your time in your application; you can send application documents to thousands of jobs with just one click. With the Automated Applicant Tool, you can save time by automatically applying to jobs through LinkedIn, Indeed, and more. You can send an unlimited number of LinkedIn emails to contact employers directly, and you can improve your chances of getting a job by sending up to 150 job applications each day.

The traditional application process often leaves applicants without much information once they submit their application. With LazyApply, you get analytics to see how your apps perform on a daily basis.

If you’re already working full-time, you might not have time to submit a barrage of applications needed to find something better. With LazyApply, you can automate the process, even down to the cover letter level. Answer the questions once, and the smart AI will do the rest, even writing a cover letter for you.

Save time applying for jobs and get a lifetime subscription to Job Application LazyApply while it’s on sale for £54.93.

Announcement LazyApply

Announcement LazyApply

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