Kentucky and Ohio Submit Application for Funding for Brent Spence Bridge Project

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Kentucky and Ohio recently applied for joint federal funding through the Bridge Investment Program for the eight-mile Brent Spence Bridge Corridor project.

The project will address the second-worst trucking bottleneck in the United States by building an additional bridge west of the existing Brent Spence Bridge and upgrading the existing bridge, which will significantly improve safety by separating local traffic and transit.

The corridor, which connects the Western Hills Viaduct in Ohio and the Dixie Freeway in Kentucky, moves more than $700 billion in freight annually.

The project is also expected to improve access to the central business districts of Cincinnati and Covington, Ky.

States also applied for funding through the Discretionary Grant Program for Multimodal Projects in May. The two claims total $1.66 billion. States apply to multiple grant programs to give themselves the best chance of receiving maximum funding.

While the states wait for funding, a bi-state project team performs environmental fieldwork, analyzes potential construction options using the design-build process, continues development of the revised companion bridge concept, and updates the financial plan to align with existing funding opportunities and anticipated project needs, such as potential impacts of inflation on each state’s funding plans.