Labels for every lab application Labmate Online

Fine cut groupThe range of lab labels target almost any application in a typical lab environment. The company offers cryogenic and freezer-resistant labels, solvent-resistant coatings, autoclave adhesives and polyesters. Labels can be supplied bespoke or blank, suitable for in-house printing.

The Laboratory specific materials are designed to withstand extreme temperatures as well as solvents and chemicals. All labels can be color coded for easy lot and sample organization.

Label material:

The material of choice for lab labels is polyester, combined with the right adhesive. This rugged material is built to last with many applications within the lab. Resistant to solvents and chemicals, advanced surface coatings are smudge resistant ensuring long term readability.

Label adhesives:

The adhesive is everything – a label must withstand multiple handling and processes and retain its structure through batch testing and harsh environments.

Fine Cut Group offers a range of adhesives to suit your application – from high tack to peelable. High tack adhesives are meant for longevity and peelable for quick and easy removal – ideal for glass bottles and containers that need to be reused.

Freezer and cryogenic storage adhesives range from -80 degrees to -196 degrees. Labels provide increased resistance against solvents and chemicals including xylene, acetone, IPA, ethanol, and more.

Fine Cut Group offers two services for the supply of laboratory labels:

I. Complete custom labels

Available in all the sizes, shapes, specifications and designs you need – bundles can be supplied with variable data including 2D barcodes, QR codes and data matrices, as well as sequential numbering and a serialization. Available in sheet and roll format.

ii. Standard size blanks

Manufactured to print in-house, a range of standard sized blanks to fit most in-house thermal printers. Available in sheet or roll format with a range of material and adhesive combinations. If the size you are looking for does not exist, custom blank labels can be made to your specifications. Color coding and branding are also available for blanks.

Label request:

Labels for flasks and test tubes

Vial labels are made from premium polyester material with acrylic adhesive for better adhesion to PE, PP and HDPE plastic tubing. 5mm is added to the overall length to allow for overlap. These labels will withstand freezing temperatures as low as -196 and are chemical and solvent resistant.

Tube Top Labels

Circular tube labels – these can be printed with QR and Data Matrix codes to allow you to scan the contents without removing them from their storage media. Available with the same material and adhesive characteristics as tube labels.

Wellplate (microtiter plates)

Ideal for identifying controlled batches or samples requiring easy and clear recognition. Wide enough for scannable 2D barcodes and data matrix. Available with the same material and adhesive characteristics as tube labels.

Slide Labels

These labels must be solvent and chemical resistant – specially formulated material will withstand the harshest laboratory environments and ensure data readability throughout sampling. Available with any form of printed data.

Plastic labels and glassware

The range of peelable labels will allow the labeling of plastic and laboratory glassware without leaving any residue on removal and without the need for additional cleaning.

For more information on standard blank label sizing, visit the Fine Cut Group website or contact a member of the sales team.