Launch of the “Pedestrian Pedestrian” application in Bursa!

Launch of the “Pedestrian Pedestrian” application in Bursa!

The project, developed and implemented by teams from the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa, allows people who have difficulty using pedestrian touch buttons to easily cross the street.

In traffic signal systems, pedestrian buttons mounted on traffic lights are used for people to cross using pedestrian crossings. Especially those with vision and limb loss who have to use a wheelchair have serious problems pressing those buttons.

The application called “Ground Pedestrian” was developed by the technical teams of the Transport Department of the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa, who are working on a different application to be used instead of the buttons which pose a health risk due to contact human. In the application, which was first launched in Nilüfer district, Özlüce Mahallesi Boulevard Ahmet Taner Kışlalı, a yellow and black platform with the inscription “Wait for it to cross it” was placed from both sides of a pedestrian crossing with a traffic light. The system, which activates when you step on it, detects the pedestrian within 2 seconds and after the audible warnings, the green light comes on for pedestrians.

It aims to serve as an example for projects in other provinces of the platform, which the visually impaired can reach with a white cane thanks to the yellow floor markers on the sidewalks, making life easier for pedestrians using prams or full hands.

Pimples are also risky in terms of health

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said buttons used in traffic signal systems work by issuing an audible warning, especially for the visually impaired. Stating that these are called “disabled pedestrian buttons” or “accessible pedestrian buttons”, President Aktaş said, “Accessible pedestrian buttons in our country and in the world are mounted on sign posts, and they are in a structure that creates a request when the button on it is manually pressed.” President Aktaş said that people are still showing great sensitivity, especially at the point of physical contact, due to the outbreak of Covid-19, and touching thousands of people every day creates serious problems. .

Stating that the existing pedestrian buttons are not useful for both health and disabled people, Aktaş said, “To eliminate these problems, our teammates have developed the ‘Pedestrian Pedestrian’ project. We actually innovated in Turkey. In all of our searches, both in our country and around the world, the app for it is usually found on the buttons directly above it. He may have come to the designated points to cross with his wheelchair, he may have come on foot, if he walks on the platform, the system detects him within 2 seconds and immediately activates his request for the passage. It is a project entirely developed by our local and national teammates. At points where the city’s pedestrian traffic is high and there are many students, our friends will launch the application quickly,” he said.

“It’s not something that can be known without living”

Emre Fencioğlu, a visually impaired person who tried the app, said the project is a good app for all groups of disabled people, mothers with babies, and disadvantaged elderly people. Explaining that it was inevitable for them to need someone’s support when crossing the street, but they couldn’t always find that support, Fencioğlu said: “The practice here is a bit different. Normally, when you come following the base beacon, if there is a fire, first you don’t know how it works. Imagine this is a place you are visiting for the first time. We’ll look for a button on it, find the button, and press it, but that’s not needed here. When you arrive by following the base locator stone, you pass over the system and after a while it warns and guides you. It’s a great blessing in a place where people come for the first time, where they don’t know anyone, where they live alone. It is not something that can be experienced in life. When you look at it that way, it makes a difference too.