Luka Modrić will become the face of the SofaScore sports app

May 21, 2022 – The Croatia and Real Madrid ‘maestro’ will be the face of the SofaScore sports app.

Croatia national football team captain and Real Madrid superstar midfielder Luka Modrić becomes face of sports app SofaScore, reports

“We have agreed on the best Croatian footballer, and negotiations for MMA and cricket are ongoing. We want each sport represented in the bid to represent the best Croatian athlete. For some sports, such as cricket, it is difficult to find top Croatians, but we try to find the best local representative for each sport,” said Zlatko Hrkać, director and co-founder of Sofa IT, in the program Entrepreneurial Mindset.

The SofaScore app currently has 22 million users worldwide and has become an important tool in the hands of athletes, their coaches and agents, and sports journalists.

“The algorithm processes the data and based on the statistics, the players get ratings. What matters to the players is what Sofa says. If they are satisfied, they share our ratings on social media. Since there is a lot of money involved in transfers, Sofa is also important for agents. We have become a relevant data source for 67 media outlets in 60 countries,” says Hrkać, who founded Sofa IT together with Ivan Bešlić.

The app now includes 23 sports. Football is the most popular, but in some countries tennis, basketball, volleyball and cricket are also followed with great interest.

“Everything is revealed by TV shows. What TV shows are popular. We are number 1 in Brazil. We have many users in football countries, we are doing well in Italy, France and the United Kingdom, but also in Nigeria and Kenya. Americans usually follow a team in one sport. It’s different in Europe. Croatians follow football, water polo and skiing. We follow whatever we’re good at.” revealed Hrkac.

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