New software application expected to improve mine rescue in Ontario

Innovative process provides the mining community with cloud-based management for emergency preparedness and mine rescue missions

Dräger Canada and Focus FS announced a new multi-year partnership with Ontario Mine Rescue for the deployment of a new innovative mine rescue information system.

The new process provides the mining community with cloud-based management of emergency preparedness, mine rescue missions and post-incident review.

Cloud-based software refers to software that can be accessed by any Internet or Wi-Fi device, such as a tablet.

Dräger is one of the iconic names in Mine Rescue. It’s the name of the German company that first developed breathing apparatus more than years ago to allow rescuers to enter toxic confined atmospheres such as a mine fire to carry out life-saving work. rescue.

In fact, in many parts of the world at the time mine rescuers were called Drägermen because of the equipment they were wearing. Dräger has become a high-tech company that provides numerous medical solutions and safety technology applications.

United States Navy Seals use Dräger rebreathers in tactical underwater situations.

FS Focus is a Canadian company that designs worker safety applications for industrial sites.

Under the new agreement, Dräger Focus FS emergency response software will be deployed at more than 30 operating mine sites across Ontario, providing each mine with the next generation of mine rescue technology, said the society.

The company describes Emergency Response as a software application installed on a rugged tablet that is carried by mine rescuers when dispatched to emergency situations.

The device gives mine rescuers instant access to:

Interactive digital maps, note and photo sharing, real-time reports and alerts to keep essential personnel in constant contact during emergency response.

Tools for monitoring oxygen levels, detecting hazardous gases and verifying equipment to keep mine workers and rescue teams safe

Automated data collection during and after the rescue mission stored in a central location to help an organization meet regulatory requirements, reducing liability.

Complete post-incident investigations, reports and action management to improve the effectiveness of the rescue program.

Real-time visibility of personnel and assets to ensure team members have proper training and certifications, and rescue equipment is ready for use.

Focus said the new software replaces more traditional methods with digital communication and reporting tools used by rescue teams and surface personnel during active emergencies, training and continuous improvement.

In a press release, Jeffrey Brown, President and CEO of Focus FS, said advanced technology will only strengthen mine rescue practices.

“By dramatically improving the way critical information is collected and communicated in real time, mine rescue teams can better respond to any incident, helping to save lives,” he said.

Focus FS said the app was developed in partnership with Ontario Mine Rescuewhich is based in Sudbury, but serves all mining operations in Ontario.

Mine Rescue vice-president Ted Hanley of Sudbury said in a statement that with safety being the top priority for rescuers, it is essential to send them into hazardous conditions with the best tools available.

“The mine rescue communication platform provided by Focus FS will be used as an essential tool to ensure accurate and timely information is relayed and available to mine rescue teams and mine management – ensuring they make the safest decisions possible in the shortest possible time,” Hanley said.