PowerUP Expo 2022: Power Electronics Evolution, Technology, Application

Expo PowerUP 2022, which will be held virtually from June 28 to 30, will include several keynotes, panel discussions, technical presentations and tutorials on key technical trends, market requirements and new application areas. An exhibition hall will also include virtual booths from leading power electronics companies, as well as a chat tool allowing visitors to connect directly with each other, with hosts and with exhibiting companies.

Wide Band Gap Semiconductors

All industry sectors, including the consumer sector, are driven by efficiency. The efficiency of electronic systems can contribute to performance restrictions and shorter life. GaN and SiC power devices go beyond various applications due to their reduced size, weight and cost, as well as improved efficiency. The Global SiC and GaN the scenes have been defined by progress and increasing industrial adoption over the past few decades. In the meantime, other solid-state devices handle the control and driving of the motor. Cost-effective and energy-efficient control solutions, test & measurement solutions, and transducers/sensors simplify design and provide a high degree of integration as the efficiency requirements of these applications increase.

On day one, you can watch on-demand presentations, and if you have any questions, you can come back on June 29 and 30 to chat with the speakers. The preview is online for 24 hours. On June 28, several conferences will play during the day. In particular, Victor Veliadis, IEEE Fellow, Executive Director and CTO of PowerAmerica, and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University, will review key aspects of SiC fabrication technology and describe non-CMOS compatible processes that have been streamlined to enable mass fabrication of SiC devices in standard Si fabs.

Marco Palma, Director of Motor Drive Systems and Applications at EPC, will review the performance of GaN in motor drives. He will give a talk titled “Integrated Circuit GaN Inverter for Motor Drive Applications Above 1kW”.

Satya Dixit, Board Member and Advisor to Future Semiconductor Business (FSB), will review methods currently available in practice and new and upcoming technologies in creating GaN membranes for application in future applications.

Peter Gammon, professor of power electronic devices at the University of Warwick and founder of PGC Consultancy, will review work on the development of high voltage MOSFETs, superjunction devices and bipolar devices (IGBTs and thyristors) up to nominal voltages of more than 20 kV. Finally, another little-explored application is the use of SiC in space, requiring radiation-hardened devices.

Next, Martin Schulz, Global Director of Application Engineering at Littelfuse, will go into the details of making the correlated measurements and offer insight into how a lifetime can be predicted. The procedures described will also reveal the type of information needed to achieve a high level of confidence for the shelf life statement.

GaN and SiC

The second day will continue with further discussions.

Matthias Kasper, Chief Principal Engineer of the System Innovations Lab at Infineon Technologies Austria, will open the session by talking about the system benefits of GaN and SiC next-generation in-car chargers and ultra-high power density USB-C adapters.

Then we have two speeches. Cristian Ionescu-Catrina, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Power Integrations, will discuss the market growth of BLDCs and permanent magnet motors that address the market up to 400W, as well as the factors driving the need for new solutions that are energy efficient and reliable. He will showcase BridgeSwitch, Power Integrations’ innovative family of single- and three-phase motor driver ICs, and the latest Motor-Expert GUI – unique in the market – that simplifies and speeds up design and certification, reducing lead times. marketing.

David Snook, Manager GaN products at Texas Instruments, will explore key systems benefiting from GaN today, overcoming perceived challenges in designing with GaN, and the future of GaN in next-generation industrial applications.

After this first part, there will be numerous technical presentations, as indicated in the agenda.

Low battery

Karthi Gopalan, general manager of the industrial automation isolation business unit at Analog Devices, will open the section on energy harvesting. The presentation will demonstrate how smart energy harvesting and innovative digital isolation solutions can have a big impact: for wireless IoT, energy harvesting has the potential to increase power in a sustainable way.

Cesar Johnston, CEO of Energous, will deliver a keynote on wireless power, discussing the rise of wireless power networks that not only provide reliable and consistent wireless power, but also help aggregate power transfer. IoT device data to the cloud from the next generation of IoT deployments. Wurth will talk in the other keynote about supercapacitors.

For other technical presentations, please see the agenda.


Energy is essential to economic growth and prosperity. Although renewable energy mitigates climate change, it must be competitive with traditional forms of energy and easily accessible to ensure a sustainable future that meets the energy needs of future generations. A 21st century zero-emissions energy grid must be enabled by power electronics that minimize the adverse effects of greenhouse gas emissions and put global economies on a path of sustainable growth.

Hassane El-Khoury, President and CEO of onsemi, will share his (open) insights into energy infrastructure and how onsemi is not only working on its own net zero goals, but innovating to deliver high-performance products today for the energy needs of tomorrow’s sustainable ecosystem.

Next, Guy Moxey, Senior Director of Power Marketing at Wolfspeed, will talk about SiC to improve the power architectures used in such systems so that the power semiconductor is no longer the weak link, or the trigger factor. , for global green energy.

Filippo Di Giovanni, Head of Strategic Marketing, Innovation and Key Programs for STMicroelectronics’ Power Transistor Macro Division, will deliver the other keynote, titled “Wide Adoption of SiC MOSFETs in Electric Vehicles Accelerating the electrification and brings benefits to industrial applications”.

For other technical presentations, please consult the agenda.

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