Redis and AWS Expand Partnership to Accelerate Cloud Migration and Application Development

Say it again unveiled a multi-year strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Building on the companies’ existing collaboration, this agreement will make it easier and faster for customers to adopt the real-time data processing capabilities of Redis Enterprise Cloud with the global reach of AWS services.

This SCA is designed to provide new product support, industry-specific solutions, and go-to-market strategies beginning with customers migrating from on-premises open source or relational databases to the cloud.

Additionally, Redis’ Enterprise Cloud solution that runs on AWS services will make it easier for customers to modernize or create new intelligent applications. Ultimately, this focus will enable customers – in the financial services, gaming, retail, and healthcare/life sciences industries – to create available location-based applications that require sub-millisecond performance. ; for example indexing and complex queries of frequently read data.

“Businesses today need to be able to leverage data as it is created. Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS enables developers to deploy and run modern applications with real-time, real-time performance from anywhere on the planet,” said Jason Forgetchief revenue officer and president of Redis.

“While Redis has worked closely with AWS for years, we see this collaboration as a way to fulfill customers’ desire to build and deploy globally with the local latency required by modern applications,” continued Forget.

Redis currently uses AWS Global Reach and Go-To-Market programs to educate and incentivize Redis Enterprise Cloud deployments on AWS. Customers can purchase Redis Enterprise Cloud from the AWS Marketplace which offers a simplified, consolidated bill that combines their Redis Enterprise Cloud usage with their AWS consumption.

Redis and AWS: Powering the Global Economy in Real Time

“Our machine learning models provide multiple recommendations during a single user session. We needed a high-performance database to handle these read and write operations that could be integrated into our machine learning platform , Amazon SageMaker. Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS solves this problem very well for us. I don’t think we’ve ever migrated this quickly with such a large volume of data,” said Daniel Galinkinmachine learning engineering manager at iFood, a Brazilian online food ordering and delivery platform.

“We need to be able to take a lot of reference data and be able to use it to make real-time decisions. Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS was the ideal solution to meet our technical requirements as we scaled from our own data centers to also leverage the AWS infrastructure. We are able to support multiple data centers and AWS Regions with Active-Active Redis to optimize for the lowest local latency, ensure durability, and control rate throttling to deliver the best experience to our customers,” said Humberto Morales, chief architect at Telesign, a digital identity and communication platform as a service.

“We extended Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS for feature computations, along with Amazon DynamoDB, to quickly structure, store, and access data to perform computations for a model,” continued Morales.

“AWS and Redis have been working together for a long time. We look forward to expanding our relationship and continuing to deliver innovative solutions to our customers,” said Ruba BornoVice President, Global Channels and Alliances at AWS.

“With this new strategic collaboration between AWS and Redis, we are working to help our customers meet their needs seamlessly and enable businesses to use their data more effectively,” Borno added.