Rigetti leads a team that also includes Sydney University of Technology, Aalto University and the University of Southern California, which is receiving $2.9 million over three years subject to certain milestones being met to develop benchmarks for the performance of quantum applications in large-scale quantum computers. It’s part of a larger program announced by DARPA in April 2021, which also awarded contracts to three other teams earlier this year. The goal of this team will be to better understand how qubit errors occur, how errors affect target applications, and what advancements are needed in quantum hardware and software to reach critical performance thresholds. The research will strive to develop more detailed qubit error models than exist with the simplified models available today, as well as create some of the first automated software tools for quantum performance analysis. Additional information on this award is available in a press release accessible on the Rigetti website. here.

August 4, 2022