Screening Officer, Network and Application Review at First Bank

job description

Ensure that all risks and vulnerabilities associated with the bank’s IT network platforms and related systems are promptly identified and appropriately mitigated.
Perform regular process reviews on various IT department teams for Nigeria and African subsidiaries.
Perform regular process reviews on different teams of the ISOD department
Perform reviews of user and group accounts on network devices, servers and bank operating systems and ensure that privileges on these systems are granted as required.
Ensure that change control procedures are appropriate for changes to network, DR, servers, updates, and patches.
Conduct reviews to assess the adequacy and effectiveness of computer network/server security by verifying the application of the following; System backups, server hardening, batch job security, device file security, physical access restriction, and more.
Review overall network security strategy, including but not limited to network design, security policies, documentations, redundancies, segmentations, compartmentalization, virtualizations, defense in depth, penetration testing, personnel structure, device hardening, patching,
Verify that appropriate controls are in place against network-related vulnerabilities through the rapid deployment of patches, patches and service packs for CISCO devices, IOS and Windows operating systems. Raise and document exceptions where applicable.
Maintain monthly link/device downtime statistics for all branches and produce monthly system downtime reports as part of the overall internal control monitoring status report.


Minimum Education: First degree in any science or engineering course, CISA or CISSP, or computer-related certification, such as CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE).


Minimum experience: 3 years of relevant experience in information systems, auditing, control or IT security work.

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