Tiptree layout application for two ground floor bungalows

An application has been submitted to develop houses in the rear garden of an existing bungalow.

The planning tender has been made to demolish the existing structures and build two new bungalows on the site at 32 Station Road, Tiptree.

Plans are to build two three-bedroom bungalows on the site, behind the existing bungalow that will remain.

The existing driveway will be widened and four parking spaces will be provided for the new bungalows.

Two charging stations for electric vehicles will be installed for local residents, in order to encourage the use of very low-emission vehicles.

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In the application, the garden of the existing bungalow is described as “exceptionally large” and in the application it is stated: “The proposed development involves the use of underutilized land to increase the supply of housing for wider public benefits . to meet the housing need identified in the borough.

“The proposed development would also increase the number of married quarters available.

“The location of the site is highly sustainable for residential development, given the proximity to local services and amenities.”

The decision is expected to be made by Colchester Council by January 5.