Whitchurch: planning application refused in Whixall

SHROPSHIRE Council has refused planning permission for a garage extension and improvement in Whixhall, citing the ‘total loss’ of a heritage asset.

The applicant, Spencer Collins, wanted to extend and improve an existing garage at 3 Maltkiln Lane, Whixhall.

The app had received opposition from Whixhall Parish Council who were concerned about overdevelopment and character scale.

Shropshire Council Conservation also objected to the plans, saying the building was ‘incongruous’ with the historic rural character.

A spokesperson added: “From a heritage perspective, the building still remains incongruous with the overall historic rural character, appearance and setting of the adjacent heritage properties i.e. the canal, the Malt Kiln Lane cottages, etc.

“Therefore, we oppose.”

Tracey Darke, deputy director of economy and location for Shropshire Council, called the location, scale and design inappropriate.

Ms Darke added: “The total loss of the heritage asset that would result from the proposed development would represent an unacceptable level of harm to the significance of the historic structure, any benefit being purely private and therefore insufficient to offset that harm.

“Furthermore, the excessive scale of the building would compromise its ancillary relationship to the unnamed semi-detached cottages and further cause unacceptable prejudice to their historical significance.”

Ms Darke also said: ‘The location, scale and design would be inappropriate as they would appear unduly prominent over the modest reception accommodation it would serve and be inconsistent with its ancillary function.

“The building would further create an unacceptable level of visual damage to the immediate street scene and wider landscape due to its scale and in the absence of any effective screen.

“The scale-aligned design would resemble a free-standing dwelling, and as such would seem alien when set in the garden of a modest cottage.”